Common Problems

Common Problems
Time: 2009-09-28 16:16:18
1. What is a Battle Team?
The Battle Team System feature serves as a social platform for players. An officially recognized team has access to Team Management functions, and players have full reign over the more intricate management details. Players can monitor their growth and nurtureteam spirit through this feature.
2. How do I set my Battle Team password?
1) Login to the game, and hit "Team" in the lobby.
2) After entering the Team interface, you can designate your own Team password.
3) Once you set your Battle Team password, you can login to the Team Page at the website and use the Battle Team functions.
4) The Team pass is only used to login the Battle Team System on the website. It is not used to access the game.
5) Battle Team password changes will not affect your game login password.
3. How do I retrieve my Team password if I lose it?
All you have to do is to enter the game and designate a new password (refer to details). There is no need for your original password; it's that convenient!
4. Battle Team Creation
Enter the Battle Team System page, and log into your game ID on the left of the Battle Team main page (Battle Team password required to login). Upon login, you will see a "Team Creation" at the side. Click on it to enter the team creation process. Fill in your team name, team announcement, and conditions to apply. Hit "Submit" when you are done to successfully create a Battle Team.
5. What is required for Battle Team creation?
You need to earn the Lv 3 Competitor title in your area, and not be in another Battle Team.
6. How do I join a Battle Team?
1) You can apply from Team Ranking, or finding the Battle Team you wish to join by searching from Team Name or Team ID.
2) After players submit an application to the Battle Team, they can't submit applications to other teams, unless their current one is rejected or expires.If the application is successful, you will join the team immediately. If it is rejected,you can send another application to other teams immediately. If the application is not processed in 3 days, it will expire.
7. How do I participate in Battle Team matches?
1) After joining a team, you will receive the Lv 1 Competitor title, allowing you to play competitively on the Battle Team server.
2) In this server, any player can create a room, but players may only join rooms created by their Battle Team members.
3) Rooms in this server can only hold 8 players. When everyone is ready and the game starts, the server will randomly match two Battle Team rooms against each other.
4) Participating in a Battle Team match requires 1,000 Silver Coins per member. This amount is deducted from the Team Bank. Players cannot participate in a match if they do not have enough bank funds.
8. How do I kick Battle Team members?
After entering the Team Management screen, you need to refresh the Battle Team Member List for everyone's character IDs, then select "Kick Member", enter the corresponding ID of the player you wish to kick, and then confirm the action.
9. Can I kick myself if I am the Team Captain?
You cannot kick yourself, but you can quit the Battle Team after consigning your position to someone else.
10.How do I leave a Battle Team? Can everyone do it?
All members can voluntarily leave a team. After selecting "My Team", the option to quit the team is on the left of the screen.
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