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Team Notice

M.A.T. Guild Honor Ranking Event
Time:2010-08-17 14:11

M.A.T. Guild Honor Ranking Event

Reward your Team’s Spirits! 

Event Schedule
Starts on: 1st August 2010
End on: 31st October 2010 (7pm)

Fight for your dreams AND your guild’s glory! Starting from 1st August 2010, the brand new “Guild Honor Ranking Event” will be kicked-start on the M.A.T. battlefield!

Now is the time to gain as much Guild Honor points as possible! M.A.T. team will check the Top-10 League Score shown on the website to decide the winner.

How to get Guild Honor Points:
1. First of all, you must join a Guild.
2. Enter the "Guild Battlefield" Channel.
3. Create a room in the "Guild Battlefield”.
4. You are only allowed to join the rooms created by your own Guild Member.
5. The room can only have 8 players (including Host). When Guild members are all ready, the Host may start the game.
6. M.A.T. server will randomly choose 2 Guild rooms as the rival of each other.
7. No matter what the result of the guild match is (either Win or Lose), your guild will gain Guild Honor points.

*Note: Every guild member is required to pay 1,000 Silver Coins for a Guild Match. Total amount will be deducted from Team Bank. You cannot enter the Match if your guild does not have enough Bank Funds.

Terms and Conditions

This event is organized by CiB Net Station. All decisions made by the organizer are final and firm. Rules and regulations are subject to be changed by the organizer at any time without prior notice.

This timeline of this event is 1st August 2010 – 31st October 2010. M.A.T. team will not take any responsibility after the event has closed.

More information please refer to:

[click here]

[MATCF] Service Team