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Team Notice

Battle Of The Clan 2017
Time:2017-04-06 10:42

All the M.A.T clans are called to compete in this year battle. Top 32 clans are going to be qualified for the Grand Final!

Qualifying Period: 4/4/2017 (after maintenance) - 2/5/2017 (12.00PM)

Number of qualifier:

Server 1 - 24 teams

Server 2 - 6 teams

Server 3 - 2 teams

All clans are welcome to compete and get the slot for Grand Final. However, any clans that are caught using hack (3rd Party Program) will be banned and disqualified.

Be constantly check your clan ranking and secure your slot to compete at Battle of the Clan 2017! 

For more info, please click here: BOTC 2017

 Best Regards,

MAT Team

[MATCF] Service Team